Board Members

July 2020 Update - The ALRA Executive Board unanimously agreed to defer board elections and extend the current terms of all board members for an additional year. While the ALRA Constitution does not contemplate this action, the Executive Board unanimously concluded that deferring board elections and extending board member terms for an additional year was a reasonable and prudent approach given the current challenges of conducting an annual meeting and board elections.

There are six Board Members who are elected to staggered, two-year terms, serve on various committees by appointment of the President, and serve as members of the Executive Board which is empowered to transact the business of the Association between meetings of the membership.

Lucie Morneault | Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board
    (613) 990-2008
Term Ends: July 2022

 Jarrod Baboushkin | Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education
  (902) 471-6817
Term Ends: July 2021

Todd Doncavage | Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services  
    (651) 659-5431
Term Ends: July 2021

Travis Kearns | Ontario Labour Relations Board
 (647) 236-7574
Term Ends: July 2021

John Wirenius | New York State Public Employment Relations Board
  (518) 457-2578
Term Ends: July 2022

Natalie Zawadowsky | Canada Industrial Relations Board 
(413) 973-0836
Term Ends: July 2022